Ways To Emphasise Your Eye Colour

Ways To Emphasise Your Eye Colour

Whether you have baby blue, sparkling green, hazel, or dark-brown eyes, here are some basic colour guidelines for making your eyes appear more beautiful than ever. Most of us know that in order to make eyes pop, we need to pick out a shade of eyeshadow that complements our eyes’ natural shade. While it may be tempting to assume that for blue eyes,  blue shades will always work well, contrast is really the key. And to do this, we need to look at the colour wheel to find opposite shades that will truly help to make our eye colour pop.

When someone who has hazel eyes wants to contrast the colours, they should go with purple, burgundy, and blue shades. If you have dark brown eyes, then you can still go for these shades and add a bit of highlighter to make the makeup look more glossy.

Like their brown-eyed or hazel-eyed peers, green-eyed people need to keep some dark mascara or kohl in their bags. The red, purple and bronze shades will work well for them. Always remember that your overall makeup and dress colour will also make a big difference.

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For those who have dark hazel eyes, try different shades of brown or opt for jewel tones or a deep shade of navy. Some of the most sought-out shades that are good on darker brown eyes might be too strong on lighter brown eyes. If your brown eyes are warmer, the green will contrast with a reddish hue in the eyes.

More melanin in your iris means brown eyes, whereas less may mean blue, hazel, green, or grey eyes. Blue-grey eyes, which are often mistaken for blue eyes, have gold and brown spots.

Plum and dark red colours give the eyes more of a dramatic look to the pale green. Avoid using blue, pink, and white since lighter colours will create an opposite effect to the light green eyes.

Some colours to avoid are pinks, whites and yellows. The smokey eye effect works well with all types of eyes. Earthy colours such as green, grey, brown, blue and pink go well with long, dark brown eyes. If you are doing a look without makeup, you could use a pale shade of brown for the creases, adding dimension to your eyes.

Stick with the outer third of the eye, and use a light brown shade of eyeshadow to add smokiness, which makes your eyes appear wider, while sharp lines will make the eyes look smaller. Put some highlighter on the top of the eyebrow bone, on the inside corners of your eyes, and in the middle right of your eyelids to make the colour pop. Adding some eyeliner on the outer corners of the lower eyeliner will help to lengthen your eyes as well.

Remember, although the colour wheel is a good starting point, you can try a lot of looks no matter what colour your eyes are. You can check out some of the best coloured contact lenses in Australia to find the one that helps perfect your look. MesmerEyez Halloween Contact Lenses are also a great option when dressing up for a costume party. As it is said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, now might be the best time to make it more literal. Appreciate the beauty in others by first appreciating your own.

When it comes to accentuating eye colours with eye makeup, it is about choosing complementary shades and using the proper techniques to highlight your best features. Consider the colour of your hair and your skin tone when choosing the best way to accentuate your eyes.

Black eyeliner can also give natural grey eyes more of a dramatic look, whereas lighter shades, such as bronze, brown, copper, and others, can add a warmer tone, making them stand out more. If you have eyes with a bit of gold, the bronze and gold shades will highlight that.

For instance, blue eyes look great in browns and bronzes, greens look great with a deep purple, and browns are amazing with a blue highlight. Purples, burgundies, and browns look nice on green eyes, while greens, golds, and coppers can be blended in together to go from a casual to a dinner date look. For a natural look, green and hazel eyes work well with neutral pinks, taupes, or even earthy shades that have hints of reddish or golden colour. Hazel eyes often appear brown – particularly when in dim lighting – but with the right makeup, you can up your fashion game.

In a nutshell, try to use contrast shades to make your natural eye colour pop, but always keep the bigger picture in mind. If you want to look glam, adding glitter can do wonders, but for an everyday look, sticking to the basic shades might be the best option.

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