A woman’s $700 Bunnings makeover is amazing

A woman’s $700 Bunnings makeover is amazing

The DIY project that a woman worked on for just four days has been called the “best transformation.” 

Elle Jay thought it was time to fix up her front porch, so she went to Bunnings and bought some grey and white tiles, which she then broke up into pieces of different sizes. 

She also got Bondall grout sealer, Dulux Snowy Mountain half paint for the front of the house, and Taubmans Shiralee half paint for the front door. 

Her old design had a weatherboard house with a yellowish paint job, a slatted picket fence, and a table with chairs. 

Elle said that she used a pressure hose to clean the surface and let it dry overnight before sweeping up what was left. 

A hammer wrapped in an old towel was used to break up the three different tiles. Each tile had to be the same thickness. 

“We used a grinder to round off some of the edges and make different shapes to fill the spaces so we didn’t have to use smaller pieces to fill bigger holes,” Elle said. 

“I traced around the tiles that were already in place with baking paper. Then I cut out the shape and drew on the tiles.” 

Elle put the tiles in separate piles before mixing the tile glue and putting them in place. 

It took two days to put down the tiles and two more to grout, clean, and seal them. 

The room was a total of 13 square metres and had a few other changes, like the screens being taken off the windows and doors. 

The points on the verandah fence were taken off and a bar was put in their place. This was another big change. 

The tiles look like “crazy pavers,” which can cost as much as $165 per box. 

Elle’s whole renovation, including the cost of all the materials, cost her $700. 

People loved how everything had changed, and one woman said it was the best change she’d seen in a while. 

“Wow, that’s the best change I’ve seen in a while!” said one person on social media.

Another person said, “Wow, what a beautiful change! Awesome job! Your pet definitely likes you lol.” 

More than 4,000 people liked it and close to 600 people said something about it. 

Elle, who often fixes up and sells houses, said, “I did expect the reaction online because I know people love the crazy pave look, but it’s a pretty pricey project. She just started her own Instagram account, @elleandivory, where she will share her DIY projects.

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